Valuable Tips for Executing Proper Maintenance of Mining Water Pumps

The failure of a water pump can cause serious and life-threatening situations on mining sites. Therefore, it becomes of seminal importance that proper maintenance care is provided to the mining water pumps to make sure that they don’t freeze all of a sudden. This is because freezing causes serious damages to the ongoing work and the life of the workers. Spending time on the maintenance of your mining pumps is actually investing in their lifetime performance.  Here are some maintenance tips that you will find quite helpful.

mining water pumps

Make A Maintenance Checklist

Make a checklist of the things that need to be checked on a routine basis and follow it without fail. Double checking whether the speed of the Australia mining water pumps corresponds with their output in horsepower or not. This can be a major inclusion in the day by day checklist. Plus, you can also make a yearly or monthly checklist as well, that can include tasks like repairing or replacing drive belts or other faulty parts, mending and checking seals, changing the motor couplings or oiling parts, etc.

Have A Look at The Bearings

Bearing failures often lead to pump breakdowns. Very often it’s due to corrosion, static overload, lubricant failure overheating etc. that a bearing succumbs to early failure, when not taken care of at the right time.  Worn out bearings not only cause the shaft of a mining pump to wobble but also may result in stopping the pump permanently by becoming overheated and noisy. Therefore, it’s important that you make it a point to occasionally check the condition of the bearings of the mining pumps like mining water pumps Australia shop sell.

Be Alert of Air Leaks

When water pumps are used on the mining sites, it is often the case that many pump problems are reported, the majority of them being caused due to air leakage. Therefore, you need to make sure that you check for air leaks regularly to prevent causing major damage to the mining water pumps. Look for leaks in the pipe plugs, fittings, and the suction line. In case you find any minor air leak, make sure to seal it tightly. Sometimes replacing the worn out hoses or the sealed leak sections may be necessary.

Have The Special Gears

No matter whether you use the best mining water pumps or not, as long as it’s a water pump, you need to have proper gears to check their efficiency from time to time. Being forever in motion for transferring water, it is not always possible to notice the abnormalities in the water movement. Therefore, you need gears like vibration analyzer and ultrasound analyzer to determine whether your mining pump is functioning properly or not. This is because there are sound patterns for every fluid pump that cannot be heard by human ears.


When you make sure that your mining water pumps are well maintained and checked regularly, it not only ensures that the pumps will function at peak efficiency but also makes sure that less fuel is consumed and experience of downtime remains minimum. To know more about mining pumps, you can refer to websites like that offer a wide variety of pumps, both for the industrial as well as mining sites.

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